Eastern Achsmutter Alu Axles Nuts 10mm -Orange- BMX MTB

Art.Nr.: 103-10-or

Hersteller: Eastern Bikes

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Axle's Nuts are CNC'ed from the highest quality 7075. These nuts weigh less than half the weight of a normal set of steel axle nuts. So throw out your old heavy elephantiasis nuts and get a pair of Axle's Nuts for your riding pleasure.
Remember, never over tighten your nuts or bad things could happen.
//  CNCed from 7075 alloy
//  Available in 14mm or 3/8 for common applications
//  Available in 3/8" with 14mm short lip for adapting 3/8" axles to 14mm peg holes or dropouts
//  Available in 3/8" with 14mm long lip for adaptiing 3/8" axles through 14mm peg openings and dropouts
Weight 0.50 oz. / 14 g