S&M Bikes BMX Gabel Pitch Fork XLT 10mm -schwarz-

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S&M Bikes BMX Gabel Pitch Fork XLT 10mm -schwarz-

S&M Bikes - Pitchfork XLT

The PITCHFORK XLT is super-strong and light. We've added strength where you need it and taken away weight where you don't. With a built-in bearing race and a Zinc undercoating, this fork is easier to install than ever and will look good as new for a long time. Made in USA.

Available in Chrome, Black, Red and White
100% Zinc coated before powder coating
True Temper butted and tapered legs
"4Q Baked" maximum heat-treat
Welded in compression sleeve
CNC machined top-cap
Available in 3/8" only
Built-in bearing race
Laser cut drop-outs
Extruded insert
2 Pounds
Made in USA
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