Proper Bike Co. BMX Nabe Cassette 36H 9T -rot-

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Proper Bike Co. BMX Nabe Cassette 36H 9T -rot-

This is the result of years of refining hubs. This model features the 'shim system' that we developed to replace driver bearings (all but eliminating the possibility of failure), CNC 7075 shell. Forged and heat-treated axle. Ceramic driver bearing. SKF 6902 axle bearings. 36h or 48h. 9t as standard. Left hand drive (LHD) and right hand drive (RHD). Weight: 369 grams/ 13oz. Colors: Flat Black, flat white, anodized blue, anodized purple, anodized orange, anodized aqua green, anodized gold, anodized red and high polished.


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