S&M Bikes BMX Gabel 24" Race XLT schwarz

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S&M Bikes BMX Gabel 24" Race XLT schwarz

24in Race XLT Fork! After months of designing, developing prototypes and testing, we have released our lightest "race" forks to date. The 24" version weighs a feather light 34 oz. Being the direct result of feedback from racers, these 100% American Made forks have a few features not normally associated with S&M forks. For example, in order to use Head-Locks or removable star nuts they do not have a welded in compression nut or aluminum Pitchfork extrusion. Also, unlike newer Pitchforks, the Race XLT's are designed with a machined steerer tube that works with integrated, or non-integrated headsets. Other features of this fully "4-Q Baked" heat-treated fork are micro dropouts, double-butted legs and new graphics.

Available in Black or White

Only 34 ounces! (964 g.!!!!!)
Compatible with integrated and A-headsets
Works with Head-Locks and removable star nuts
100% "4Q-Baked" heat-treatment
Double-butted legs
Made in USA
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